Best Windows Based File Copy Tool

I’m creating a guide to help members of my team at work move from the corporate network to a development network, which will allow us to finally get off Windows XP and maintain our ability to do real development on our laptops. As part of the move to Windows 7, I’m looking into the best tools that complement the built-in abilities of Windows 7 and the various development tools such as Qt Creator, Visual Studio, and Eclipse that we’ll be using. My guide will focus on Windows even though we support Linux and Android as well, because we run Windows on our dev laptops and use VMs to support Linux when possible and dedicated machines on the network otherwise. We of course deploy Android apps to our small set of Android devices for testing.

I’ve been using TeraCopy on XP for awhile now on Windows and highly recommend it. It’s free for personal use and is about $20 if you want to use it commercially. I also run RichCopy, which is a free GUI front end for the RoboCopy utility built into Windows 7. I prefer open source applications wherever possible, but sometimes the proprietary apps are so much better it’s worth the compromise.

Anyway, if you’re looking for good copy enhancements or alternatives for Windows, the articles below are good references.

I will probably be recommending both TeraCopy and RichCopy as good options in my Windows 7 migration guide.

I want to mention one potential replacement for the above tools. Ultracopier is an up and coming open source file copy tool that’s cross platform and written in C++/Qt. I’ll be keeping an eye on this tool to see if it can replace the tools above. Since I use Windows, Linux, and OS-X, and sometimes develop in C++/Qt, this would be a great solution.



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