Flea Control Without Poison

We’ve been fighting fleas for awhile this summer and tried the top rated flea killing sprays as well as the shoulder-blade-applied solutions such as Frontline that we get from our veterinarian.

We’ve never had this much trouble getting rid of fleas before. I think my daughter might have brought these fleas back from Florida where she stayed with my parents this summer, since she came back with lots of bites on her lower extremities. Maybe these are military-grade super-fleas. The Frontline type products we get from the vet always did the job, and it seems to be working well for our outdoor cats but is ineffective on our indoor only cats. I actually sprayed a flea with the flea control spray designed for carpet and it seemed to have no effect. I sprayed a flea with the version designed for application directly to cats and it worked, just not very quickly.

I grew tired of putting toxins in our home and on our cats (even if they’re primarily toxic to fleas and similar pests) and I finally tried the widely heralded diatomaceous earth (DE) solution to fleas. This is actually working well for us and since it works mechanically, with the tiny grains killing fleas and similar insects by damaging their external waxy coating, insects can not develop resistance to its action, and since it’s not actually poisonous, it won’t harm your pets. We started using some “Safer” brand DE we bought at Home Depot and that’s been working well. There’s also a form of DE called food grade (supposedly ground up extra fine) that some people feed dogs and other medium and large animals to clean out parasites, and I got some from Amazon and am going to put in our cats’ fur going forward (just in case) until we’re sure there are no more fleas. With DE, you just need to be careful not to get it in your pet’s eyes or your own and try not to breathe in the dust.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share my experience with a natural remedy that works well. Here are some links to good info on DE.




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