My Wife and I

I just passed my wife leaving our neighborhood as I was driving home. She was waving like crazy with a big smile and I think I saw the kids waving in the back seats. I of course waved like a nut as soon as I saw that it was her.

It feels simultaneously wonderful and a little silly to wave at each other like that, but I’m glad we do. We have almost nothing in common. I’m super intellectual and she’s not at all. I like to be alone a lot with quiet and she likes company and TV. I like rough play with the kids and “scary” movies and she only likes comedy and chick flicks. I like to get up early and work a lot and she likes to sleep and work just to get stuff done. The list goes on. The one thing we’ve always had in common is our basic values, and we built up a strong tolerance for each other’s quirks and “defects” over time so that now we almost never argue (unless it’s about our teen daughter) and we are as much best friends as husband and wife. I do realize how lucky we are.

Just thought I’d share that.

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