Virginia KKK Uses Obama’s Presidency As A Recruiting Tool


 Damn! I live in Virginia and while I haven’t seen this personally, it’s not surprising. Virginia has:

– the national headquarters of Philip-Morris, the biggest cancer stick maker, in Richmond
– the former capital of the Confederacy, also in Richmond
– Liberty University, an ultra right-wing Christian college founded by Jerry Falwell
– The Moral Majority, also founded by Jerry Falwell
– a crazy right-wing christian anti-woman governor
– an even more insane ultra-anti-woman, right-wing christian Attorney General

As an example of just how stupid some people here are, consider that our Attorney General couldn’t handle the fact that the Virginia Seal features the Roman Goddess Virtus dressed as a warrior with one breast exposed and issued pins to his staff with her chest covered, because Jesus.

When you have all this ignorance and downright stupidity in one state, it’s no surprise we have the KKK active here.


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