One thought on “Reformed Whores’ Response to Attack on Sandra Fluke

  1. Uelly

    Barack raised money bcaeuse people believed in him and contributed. They had been burned by the previous Conservative Administration and wanted no more of it. So the greatest outpouring of populist support in the national History elected Obama in a virtual tidal wave of pariotism and nationalistic fervor it was a majestic moment.Freedom of The Airways is necessary to a Democratic Republic but Freedom of Speech also carries an obligation to use it in an informative manner rather than a radically combatative manner.If hate and vitriol control the airwaves, the the end result will be more in line with the effects of Josef Goebbels and great division and dissent can split the country and lead it into unnecessary conflicts that might undermine the foundations of the very nation if great care is not exercised.Rush is not so much a voice of politics in my opinion as he is a skilled and intensely charismatic entertainer. They should just leave him alone bcaeuse he isn’t hurting anybody.Conservative Talk Radio is not the main enemy of Democrats.The main enemy of Democrats is not even Conservatives bcaeuse this is a two party nation and the two sides must learn to work together or the fears of President Lincoln about the House Divided might come to pass and that wouldn’t be good for anybody.The main enemy of Democrats, the same as it is for Republicans is general ignorance and apathy and the divisions that have arisen between them.There was a time before the crazies and the militants of Conservatism appropriated the Government that the government worked and worked well. That is how we became the greatest nation on earth.We need to get a few moderates back on board and get America back on track with the governmental processes that have worked so well for so many long years.By the way: Glenn Beck was not Taken Out. He is still out there some where (On Sirrius Radio?) doing his thing whatever that might be.

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