USPS Losing $25 Million a Day

Apparently, the United States Postal Service is losing $25 million per day. I know this because a right wing “thinker” posted an article on it to a G+ politics community I follow. The link below is the same information but from a more reliable source.

The guy who posted didn’t include any commentary. What was the point of his post? It’s true the USPS is unable to fund itself. I don’t think it should necessarily have to. The military doesn’t fund itself, nor do any of the other major departments. While it’s true that the USPS is only a quasi-government agency, I think that’s a mistake. The service provides a means of communication for both poor people, the technological “stragglers”, and those off the grid. It’s a pretty vital service. I think it should be formally part of the government. Assuming the $25 million/day figure, it will cost the government around $9 billion annually to support this service. That’s pretty light funding for a nation service that is used by virtually every citizen.

I think comparing the USPS to Fedex and UPS is inappropriate. Neither of those companies provide their service for anything like the prices USPS does, not do they have to carry the bulk mail and other crap the USPS does. I haven’t seen an analysis that compares the USPS to the commercial services with the assumption that the USPS could charge what the others do for like services. I’d be interested in seeing that.

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