A Linux laptop that just works

The review below covers the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition, which comes with Ubuntu LTS installed and works out of the box, which anyone with Linux experience knows is relatively rare.

My point here is that even fans of Open Source and Linux (and I’m one of them) must admit that Linux takes more effort to get running than Windows or OS-X. The payoff may be worth it, and it certainly is in some cases, but the effort Dell went to in this case to ensure a fully working system tells us how far Linux still has to go before it can be considered equivalent in usability or ease of maintenance to Windows.

This scenario is easily seen as a front in the larger FOSS versus proprietary software battle for hearts and minds (and ultimately users). As a professional with a foot in both camps, I will continue to back both sides because the battle itself generally results in better software and solid API/service standards, a win for everyone.


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