Partisan Bias Diminishes When Partisans Pay

Linked below is a short but important post that strongly affirms what we know about human nature and also suggests potential steps to tear down the (mostly right-wing) wall harming our nation and preventing us from working on profoundly important but solvable issues that threaten our nation and others and might end up making this planet uninhabitable.

From the piece:

They ran two experiments. In the first, they split respondents into two groups: Those in the control group were asked basic factual questions about politics; those in the treatment group were asked the same questions but were entered into a raffle for an Amazon gift card wherein their chances depended on how many questions they got right.

In the control group, the authors find what Bartels, Nyhan and Reifler found: There are big partisan gaps in the accuracy of responses.

…But when there was money on the line, the size of the gaps shrank by 55 percent. The researchers ran another experiment, in which they increased the odds of winning for those who answered the questions correctly but also offered a smaller reward to those who answered “don’t know” rather than answering falsely. The partisan gaps narrowed by 80 percent.

One thought on “Partisan Bias Diminishes When Partisans Pay

  1. Muh

    Even better, each veeratn should have have their benefits multiplied by the number of tours of duty they serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. And in a symbolic gesture, every member of congress should have their pay cut by 25-percent with those dollars going toward the funding of veeratns benefits. It’s appalling the way we take care of our veeratns right now.

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