Cancel Netflix for Using DRM?

I just saw an email asking me to cancel my Netflix subscription to show Netflix that I won’t tolerate their imposing DRM and proprietary video software on the open web.

I’m not going to cancel Netflix, and I’m used to the Free Software Foundation (and Richard Stallman) making unreasonable demands (though I support them generally), but I’d like to know what the alternatives are to proprietary DRM schemes.

I subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Spotify. My subscription allows me to stream audio and video on demand, but obviously doesn’t allow me to create permanent copies of that content. I’m fine with that and think it’s a good balance that allows content creators to make money while allowing consumers access to as much media as they want. Why spend time pirating media when it’s available for a small monthly subscription fee? I’m interested to hear other opinions on this and especially ideas for how we can avoid supporting proprietary software extensions to HTML5 while also providing a way for Netflix and others to stream their content.

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