Ender’s Game Studio Tries to Disown Card

Here’s Buzzfeed covering the studio’s not quite repudiation of Card’s hateful views.

Studio Says Orson Scott Card’s Anti-Gay Views Are “Completely Irrelevant” To “Ender’s Game”

What is the studio supposed to say? They invested many millions in what might be a good movie, but is based on a disgustingly hateful person’s vision. I am apt to give artists a pass on moral issues such as a weakness for drugs, sex, reckless behavior, … But individual hatred, active membership in a sect that promotes hatred, and serving on the board of a hate group is inexcusable. Card deserves no readers and a company that films his work deserves no patrons.

There are far too many great works by artists who are not voluntary symbols of hatred. We are all flawed, but a responsible person draws the line well short of supporting someone like Card. Send your time and money on a copy of “The Left Hand of Darkness”, “Childhood’s End”, anything by Stanislaw Lem, or any of a number of other worthy artists and works.

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