Mark Twain On Cats

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.”


Mark Twain was a known lover of cats. This is a common trait of geniuses. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Albert Schweitzer, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, … the list is long and distinguished.

There are fundamental differences between cats and dogs that explain why some of us love them so. A dog consists primarily of unconditional love and absurdity, in equal measure. His life is devoted to pleasing you and earning your company. He will often reward even the meanest person with loyalty and devotion. A cat consists of grace, cool self interest, and independence. A cat’s respect and love must be earned and maintained, which makes a cat very like an emotionally healthy human.

Ideally, a person will love both cats and dogs, but among those with a strong preference for one or the other species, there are definite tendencies. Those who desire control over others and want to feel superior tend toward dogs, while those who prefer to treat all as equals and prefer to earn the respect of all, even the non-humans among us, prefer cats. This is a generalization, and like all generalizations is not to be relied on too heavily, but I’ve found it quite accurate in practice.

2 thoughts on “Mark Twain On Cats

  1. Kittie Katz

    I’m glad I read more about you, your beliefs and philosophy on various subjects starting on G+ then followed you over here to your blog. Great stuff! I never realised how much of an ailurophile you were, Chris, but love the quotes and background, esp including Mark Twain who I’m proud to claim as a distant cousin. Hava Happee B-day today kiddums which is why I tracked you down to begin with. Proud 2B included in your circles!

    Miss Kittie * * *

  2. Chris Lamke Post author

    Hi, Miss Kittie. Thank you for the birthday wish!

    I’m glad you liked what you read here. I’m actually taking a week vacation (staycation) this week and working on my blog a bit, so hopefully I’ll have more good stuff here soon.

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