Right Wing Ideas Do Not Move Us Forward


I’d like to hear that idea as well. The fact is that the US right wing is regressive, not progressive, so they aren’t trying to move our country forward. They want to take us back to an imagined “good old days” when white Christian men were unquestionably in command and other nations feared us.

This is part of the reason why so many worship Reagan. He’s a symbol of that era, and as a symbol, people are able to ignore the fact that the actual Reagan was quite different than their idea of him.

The extreme right strongly prefers symbols; flags, mythical citizens, religious ideals that are self-contradictory; to the messiness of the actual world. A symbol is a pointer to another, nonphysical domain, in which everything is possible and logic is irrelevant. In this idealized domain, the world can be as binary, as black and white as you desire, and this has obvious appeal to the extreme right, which has as its prime characteristics a fear (and resulting hatred) of “the other” and a need to cleanly define oneself against that “other”.

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