A Christian’s Responsibility to Defend Christianity



Now this is a sight for sore eyes. It’s good to see Christians publicly calling out people like Palin and Perry as false Christians, people who absolutely do NOT follow or represent Christ.

If your worldview is Christianity, or Islam, or Humanism, and you claim it as your basis for life and action in the world, then you have a responsibility to call out hypocrisy and blatant falsehood in those who claim to follow the same path.

If you allow your worldview to be used by anyone for anything, to justify evil as well as good, then your worldview becomes meaningless or negative as a claim and a public symbol. This has happened to Christianity already. When someone publicly claims to be a Christian, that gives me reason to avoid them. If I can’t avoid them, I must wonder if they are one of the few who follow the Jesus of the Gospels, like Jimmy Carter or Fred Rogers or Martin Luther King; or one of the many who claim Christianity as a license for hatred, like Perry or Palin or Dobson; or one of the majority who claim Christianity as a convenience or comfort in life, but refuse to stand up for the ideals implied by that claim.

It’s because of people like those in this picture, people who wrap themselves in the flag and carry a cross, and use their patriotism and “Christianity” as a license to persecute and deny the humanity of those they hate, and because of the silent majority that stands by and does nothing, that Christianity has come to be regarded as evil or meaningless.

Ask yourself if you use your religious beliefs to justify hatred and violence, or if you stand silently while others work evil in your name.

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