Hitchens On Christianity


My sentiments exactly. It’s fundamentally unbelievable.

Having said that, the mechanisms available for getting people to believe impossible or absurd things is pretty well understood, and religion can provide value to the individual in today’s world. It’s a settled fact that religions, especially the mainstream monotheistic religions, are harmful to our further development as a species. The best that can be said is that belief in these religions doesn’t necessarily lead to anti social and anti life behavior. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement, and a little like saying tobacco use won’t necessarily kill you, though it generally damages your health.

My approach is not to try depriving someone of their foundational worldview and source of meaning because I don’t like how many with that worldview behave under its influence, but to offer a better alternative and try to steer them away from the harmful aspects of their existing beliefs by application of reason and empathy. It’s not an especially effective method, but I know of none better.

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