GOP Lies Are Destroying America, and Reform Is Our Only Way Forward

I really want there to be a strong and healthy conservative party in the United States. While I’m very progressive socially and economically, I recognize the need for balance and the importance of pitting two intelligent groups against one another in a conflict of ideas as a key to finding that balance.

What we have today is a strong but very unhealthy extreme right GOP (and associated groups) and a lackluster centrist Democratic Party that’s too weak, too beholden to moneyed interests, and generally too afraid to propose anything truly progressive. The Democrats by their nature are a very diverse group and unable to come to a consensus on anything remotely controversial, and they’re pulled to the right by their fear of losing elections to the GOP, so I am focusing on the GOP because it’s both the greatest danger to our nation and the group that must be brought into balance if we are to return to a healthy democracy.

As detailed in Six Studies That Show Everything Republicans Believe is Wrong, it’s time for the right wing to stop lying about the minimum wage, taxes, global warming and more. I’m not sure how to reform a party that’s so completely committed to enforcing it’s will on the nation at any cost and is so heavily invested in lies and other corruption, but this is certainly the task before us.

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