What are the most philosophical cartoons?

This political cartoonist is truly brilliant.

Quora Answer by Anonymous:

One of my favorite cartoonists, Mana Neyestani (an Iranian cartoonist in exile), is in my opinion an absolute genius. He often draws cartoons in relation to absurdities of the Iranian politics (not sure if it passes as philosophical, but I assume it does). What makes him incredibly impressive, apart from his brilliant work, is that he usually draws clever cartoons within a day or two of the news emerging. They are often full of both covert and overt points, sometimes too many of them, that are more universal than just the Iranian politics. Below I provide a few of his cartoons, with a bit of context for some.

Context: Freedom through war (Ahem, Mr. Bush).
Titled Freedom for a second.

Context: Oppression (during the Iranian green movement).

Context: Being born in the developing world.
Titled: Come out, the world is beautiful!

Context: The ‘confident’ hardliner.

Context: Immigration. Notice the subtleties about ‘fitting in’, and ‘vanishing’ as well as all the stuff that will end up on the guy’s head.

The Iranian parliament is discussing a bill to prevent population control measures and oppose pregnancy prevention. Violators are subject to up to 5 years of jail time. Here are a couple of his cartoons related to this topic.

Context: The oppressors presence in the most intimate of places.

Context: same as above.
Title: Orgasm!

Context: Homosexuals in Iran.

Context: Sexual child abuse, and the low legal age of marriage.

Context: Netanyahu’s ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing speech in UN’.
Title: Where is the wolf?

Context: World media’s silence on Syrian war for about a year before it finally caught their attention.
Title: The blind spot.

Context: Saeed Jalili, former Iranian nuclear negotiator, showing the path to the future in his presidential campaign.

Context: The effect of the nuclear related sanctions on the Iranian people.

What are the most philosophical cartoons?

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