Why do people who love reading love it so much?

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(spoiler alert: anna karenina,  Leo Tolstoy)

Do you know where I am right now?
In the general ladies coach of train from surat to baroda ( Gujarat, India). I am surrounded by sweating fat ladies on all four sides. There's no place to sit, I am standing in the aisle. Someone again left the toilet door open, it's stinking. Two women are fighting for a seat, calling each other names.A baby is crying somewhere due to the commotion, the stink and the heat.

Before I opened quora on my phone, I was reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. For about an hour, I forgot that I was in the hot,stinking, crowded train in India.

I was hunting with Levin in the fields of Yasyana Polyana, Russia. I could feel the cold morning air and the dew under my feet.
I was worrying about my farm and cattle, and the kopecks (old russian currency) I owed to various people.

I was having an affair with Vronsky, feeling the passion and regret.  Waiting for my lover to come back from a party, worrying whether he was with some other woman. I looked at myself in the mirror to see whether my beauty was intact.

I just committed suicide by jumping in front of a train due to my insecurity.

Maybe I will never visit fields of russia, never have an extra marital affair, never commit suicide. But for an hour, I felt all of it. I was there. Not with them. I was them.

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Why do people who love reading love it so much?

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