Christians Responsible for Most Hateful Internet Speech



An article in The Christian Post discusses the claim by Washington Post religion reporter Sally Quinn that Christians were behind the majority of nasty and vile feedback she had received throughout her career. This vicious behavior by Christians will be no surprise to anyone who’s spent significant time on Twitter, Google Plus, or other social networks discussing anything of substance.

I’m sharing this article because it’s critical that Christians stand up for what Jesus taught and call out those falsely claiming to follow him while acting contrary to his life message. As an atheist and humanist, I know I need to become more active in opposing those who attack theism under the banner of atheism.

I can empathize with those who lose their tempers when discussing these issues. It’s hard for me to remain calm on many political and religious issues, but it’s critical. I’m working on it … 🙂 … The moment my rage overcomes my empathy and I start attacking my opponent, any chance for humanity and dialogue is lost.

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