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Apple’s Cheaper iPhone Named in Watchdog Group’s Labor Abuse Report

The new, cheaper iPhone has been officially revealed, but it was outed much earlier in a report by watchdog group China Labor Watch. The report accuses Apple supplier Pegatron of several worker abuses, including safety violations, poor living conditions, and excessive overtime.


Apple, out of all the companies who mistreat workers and contract with inhumane suppliers, you are the worst, partly because you so little incentive to do so.

Is it really better to grow your already huge cash reserves and profits than to use that profitability and your market position to make life better for your direct employees and contractors?

Apple, you are a disgusting example of extreme capitalism, unregulated and taken to its logical and inhumane limits. I will do what I can to avoid supporting you and to discourage others from supporting you.

Ender’s Game Studio Tries to Disown Card

Here’s Buzzfeed covering the studio’s not quite repudiation of Card’s hateful views.

Studio Says Orson Scott Card’s Anti-Gay Views Are “Completely Irrelevant” To “Ender’s Game”

What is the studio supposed to say? They invested many millions in what might be a good movie, but is based on a disgustingly hateful person’s vision. I am apt to give artists a pass on moral issues such as a weakness for drugs, sex, reckless behavior, … But individual hatred, active membership in a sect that promotes hatred, and serving on the board of a hate group is inexcusable. Card deserves no readers and a company that films his work deserves no patrons.

There are far too many great works by artists who are not voluntary symbols of hatred. We are all flawed, but a responsible person draws the line well short of supporting someone like Card. Send your time and money on a copy of “The Left Hand of Darkness”, “Childhood’s End”, anything by Stanislaw Lem, or any of a number of other worthy artists and works.