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How to Behave on the Internet

I just came across this EFF guide to blogging and consider it good advice.


I take a positive approach to internet presence, ensuring my online image is positive rather than trying to hide it. While I am obviously very opinionated, the very public nature of the internet generally and blogging and social networking specifically causes me to consider that what I write can be read by anyone.

My basic policy consists of a few simple rules:
1. Separate my work life from my non-work life and don’t blog about work in anything but the most general way.
2. Consider everything I do on the internet public and take no measures to hide it.
3. Consider that most people know me solely from my online “image”, consisting of my blogs, social network posts, and other online activity, and behave intelligently and respectfully, so that I accurately represent myself as a good person and have little or no concern about anyone I care about coming across something I’ve written on any topic.

Finding a Better WordPress Editor

I was just getting ready to blog some of the stuff I’ve written this week and decided I need to get a better editor than TinyMCE Advanced.

One of the reasons I don’t get around to working on my facticity.org or boobookitten.org blogs more often is that it’s painful to get content to look exactly how I want it and I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on formatting, just writing. Here are several options I’m going to try, hoping to improve this situation.