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GOP Catholics of Convenience and their Trouble with Pope Francis


The GOP’s so-called Catholics have long had problems following the principles of their church, but with the advent of Pope Francis, their opposition to most of Jesus’ teachings in The Gospels, as exemplified in Francis, has become much more prominent. This Salon article highlights the issue.

It’s remarkable how even a supposedly ardent Roman Catholic like Santorum is a Catholic of Convenience, freely working against the head of his church when it suits him.

As someone noted in the original post, these men would argue against Jesus if given the chance. The majority of their beliefs and actions directly contradict those of Jesus in the Gospels. They exist for themselves and their values, independent of any religious or moral system. This independence of thought and action would be commendable if they would be honest about it. Instead, they pretend to follow a great spiritual leader, while in reality they follow only their own desires.