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Conservative Christianity is Self-contradictory

Conservative Christianity is self-contradictory. It doesn’t exist, other than as a tribal identity.

Millions of people who were raised in Christianity and have not advanced beyond tribal ethics claim this term in order to band together with like-minded people and create a safe space for themselves in the world. The internal inconsistency makes this a very fragile belief system, so they experience any opposition or questioning as an existential threat.


This chart is obviously not derived from a rigorous study, but it’s true for purposes of this post.

Very Powerful Discussion of What It Means to Have a Black Son


Put yourself in the place of these mothers, who have to explain the reality of being a black man in America. They have to make their son understand that some will see him as a threat and act on that threat, and that his life can depend on keeping those people unafraid of him.

If you can feel as these mothers do, then you’ll understand why we must fight, and why we can’t rest until the color of our skin is not our destiny.

Response to A Coward’s Threat

This is well worth watching, by everyone, and especially by those cowards who threaten others from the shadows because they can’t stand to hear the voice of reason. If you know anyone like that, pass this on to them. Most will discard it, but maybe one will come to his senses and start on the path to being a man and an American.