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A Simple Spider

This article describes a spider who eats other spiders, not such a rarity until you learn that this spider has a brain with less than a million neurons, yet is able to perform remarkably complex hunting behaviors, in this case sneaking up on and defeating another spider-eating spider. It does this by systematically processing the image of its prey and the potential paths to it, determining the optimal path to it and the most promising approach to defeat the other spider and gain a meal, taking sometimes up to an hour to process the variables step by step using its very rudimentary processing engine. As the blogger points out, this is remarkably like a Turing Machine and raises questions about the insufficiency of our common view of most insects and arachnids as simple hardwired automatons.


U.S. Report Faults Two Sides in Deadly Pakistan Strike

This is what happens when the wrong geographic coordinates are given in modern warfare. A single mistake likely propagated through the system and created an international disaster.
The ability to pinpoint exactly where an event is occurring (or needs to occur) and then convey those correct and precise geographic coordinates is one of the most critical aspects of an intelligence system (and process) to get right given the use of air and indirect fire power in today’s warfare.