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A Triumph For Racism – Where Do We Go From Here?

A man who murdered a 17 year old boy for being young and black was just set free. Racism is alive and well here in the US and it’s sickening to watch for half of this nation and most of the outside world.

On his birthday every year, we trot out the wonderful vision Dr. King had for a future in which people are judged according to their character, which is the only just way to judge someone if you must judge them. The small but vocal minority on the right are openly hateful and dismissive during that time, but as much as they anger me, they serve as a reference point, reminding me what we’re fighting against.

Harder to take is the fact that many of us put King’s vision aside for most of the year like a Christmas tree, reserved for special occasions. The regressives don’t take a break from their fight, as we can see from their constant work to subjugate women and their immediate attack on voting rights once the Supreme Court cleared it.

The only way to defeat those who want to drag us back into the past where they’re comfortable is to unite, putting aside our many differences to focus on the fact that we’re all human beings with the same essential needs, and we all want every person to be regarded as fully human, treated with compassion and encountered with empathy. We need to make the regressives uncomfortable in our society, let them know that their hatred is unacceptable and that we will welcome them fully into society only when they begin treating everyone, not just their tribe, as full human beings, equal to themselves.

I don’t have the answers for how to do this. I think that like many efforts to attain justice, this must be done in waves. Feminism is a great demonstration of that. We need a visionary like Dr. King or Gandhi, both a thinker and a planner, to unite us in action for a new wave of nation-wide activism, and help us sustain our effort until the world is actually transformed into a place where we can all live with confidence that we are loved by others, regardless of our color, intelligence, beliefs, or abilities. Then we can relax and enjoy the world we’ve created, while remaining alert against any attempts to take us back to our hateful past.

American Justice Fails Us All – Zimmerman Acquitted

The murderer of Trayvon Martin was just set free.

Already, a heartless, despicable human being who helped set free the murderer has a book deal.


I’m just heartsick, angry and disgusted by all this. Between seeing even the beginning of justice denied Trayvon and his family and seeing hateful monsters on the right celebrating that, I want to see those hateful, murderous people hurt, mentally and if possible physically.

I feel like we’re in the 60s again, where a bunch of whites can murder a young black man and actually be defended and then celebrated when they get away with it.

I don’t know if anything good will come from challenging this obviously immoral juror, but those with the skills should at least try it. I hold out slightly more hope for a Justice Department prosecution, but whether the Obama administration will go there remains to be seen.

I think we need to rip the bandages and scabs off the supposedly healing racial wounds of the past, and apply some of the strongest medicine we have, because it’s abundantly clear that those wounds were just festering and the bandages just let us pretend this problem was “fixed”.

It’s not fixed! Not for Trayvon’s parents, not for the families of so many other murdered black men, not for the families of black men and women rotting in prison for crimes that warrant a hand slap if you’re white … When will we say enough and start treating everyone as human beings, and punish or cast out those who refuse to do so?

Right-wing Newspaper Posts Lynching Cartoon

A right-wing newspaper posted an editorial cartoon implying that Al Sharpton murders the truth by lynching.


The cartoon is truly disgusting and speaks to the hatred inherent in a company that would allow this to be posted. We need to eradicate these people from our society. These are not conservatives. They are fearful, hateful regressives and they want a world in which they feel secure and others live in the shadows.