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Toward a General Response to Right Wing Trolls

Despite the lofty title, this is just a beginning note in my effort to create a relatively automated, or at least cut and paste, system for responding to right wing trolls. My note below was written in response to the ridiculous comments in this G+ post by Bernie Sanders’ office.

I know I shouldn’t read the comments on a Sanders post because there will be clueless/hateful/crazy people making ridiculous claims in the thread, but my curiosity usually gets the better of me. It’s just comical that regressives spend time on a post by a true socialist, a man who’s honorable and consistent but whose idea of the best government structure differs from theirs. (FYI: I’m a democratic socialist too, which is why I follow Senator Sanders.)

The unreasonable people attacking Sanders are the digital equivalent of the crazy people on street corners waving signs at cars and yelling that it’s the end times and The Illuminati/Obama/Sinners are causing the rapture.

Those of us on the side of reality should take turns ensuring the unreasonable people on the thread don’t go unchallenged. This is often how it goes:

1. A reasonable person asks for credible evidence to support the unreasonable person’s (regressive’s) claims.
2. The unreasonable person either continues their rant, stating that the libtard/lefty/idiot won’t believe his evidence anyway, or says they should do their own homework because “the evidence is out there”, or points to the propaganda sites where he gets his ideas.
3. The reasonable person points out that without a “credible” source to back up his claims, the unreasonable person’s claim is baseless and can be dismissed without further discussion.

I’m writing this partly to save myself time in the future in dealing with unreasonable people that I feel compelled to engage despite knowing how it will end. I welcome any comments.