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Response to A Coward’s Threat

This is well worth watching, by everyone, and especially by those cowards who threaten others from the shadows because they can’t stand to hear the voice of reason. If you know anyone like that, pass this on to them. Most will discard it, but maybe one will come to his senses and start on the path to being a man and an American.

Llorando – From Mulholland Drive

This is the most beautiful song from one of the most amazing movies I’ve ever seen. This song takes me to a place where everything is possible and nothing is certain. I hope it does the same for you.

Interesting Note: Rebekah Del Rio, who popularized the Spanish version and who received her first recording contract on the basis of the song, stated that Director David Lynch flew to Nashville where she was living, and she sang the song for him once and did not know he was recording her. Lynch wrote a part for her in the film and used the version she sang for him in Nashville.
Source – http://www.rebekahdelrio.com/llorando.html