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Drones, Protests, and a Harsh Sentence

Excerpt from Video

Excerpt from Video

Mary Anne Grady Flores, a 58-year-old grandmother of three, was sentenced to a year in jail after photographing an anti-drone protest outside a military base near her home.

I support this woman’s right to protest, and I think a year in prison is a harsh sentence for violating the protective order. I also think the drones add a lot of valuable capability to our armed forces.

I used to question the morality of drone warfare, but I’ve since heard discussions of the complexity of ground assaults versus drones and the likely body counts (friendly, hostile, and civilian) from each approach, and I’m convinced that drone warfare is morally sound, as morally sound as any type of warfare can be.

U.S. Report Faults Two Sides in Deadly Pakistan Strike

This is what happens when the wrong geographic coordinates are given in modern warfare. A single mistake likely propagated through the system and created an international disaster.
The ability to pinpoint exactly where an event is occurring (or needs to occur) and then convey those correct and precise geographic coordinates is one of the most critical aspects of an intelligence system (and process) to get right given the use of air and indirect fire power in today’s warfare.

General Mattis a Good Choice for CENTCOM Commander

General James Mattis is a good choice for CENTCOM Commander. He has the toughness, intellect, and understanding of the Afghanistan situation required to support General Petraeus in conducting the combat and non-combat efforts it will take to succeed there.

General Mattis is a legendary Marine and his reputation and leadership will help maintain good morale on the ground. Note that I’m not trying to minimize the importance or ability of General Petraeus. The combination of Petraeus on the ground and Mattis as CENTCOM commander is ideal for this situation. If anyone can succeed in Afghanistan, these two great warriors are the ones to do it.